Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Illustrious Illustrator: Warwick Goble

Children's illustrator Warwick Goble left the world a storybook treasure chest brimming with mellifluous, enchanting art. His works are a study of jewel-bright tones and diffused color, softness, graceful figures, beautiful costume, lovely backdrops, and a presence of magic. Infused with Indian, Asian, and Arthurian romance, these pieces transport you to enthralling worlds, filling me with appreciation and wonder. I love dreaming up tales behind each illustration. The Prince and his horse above remind me of Ezrick and Argo :)

Goble was a gifted artist, his art luminous and classic.

Warwick Goble
(1862 – 1943)

Goble was born in Dalton, North London. At age 34 he began illustrating children’s picture books. He'd previously worked at a printing press, drawing art for monthly magazines, his work already exhibited at the Royal Academy. During World War I he volunteered for the French Red Cross. “Goble gradually gave up illustration to pursue sculling, cycling, and travelling. He died in his Surrey home in 1943.”



Fairy Tale

(Source: and Google Images; Facts from Wikipedia)


  1. He's another one I love. His artwork is in my Grimm's Fairy Tale book too I believe.

    I'm going to redecorate my office this spring and use artwork like his on the walls to inspire me. The other artist I LOVE is Waterhouse. I post a lot of his work on my blog. :)

  2. this style of writing is often a true skill and art form! great perform I commend anybody having a skill at writing such as yours.

  3. LG: I agree, Warwick's illustrations are wonderful. Redecorating your office sounds fun! It makes sense if you're surrounded by art, your writing space can only inspire creativity. Now I want to re-do my room, lol.

    Jeremy: Thank you, Jeremy!