Sunday, February 19, 2012

[Melody/Monday: Mozart - Lacrimosa]

I was planning to post something medieval, but within seconds of playing Lacrimosa experienced such a devastating pierce to my soul it took my breath away and I began to weep. So I'm sharing this instead because Mozart is my favorite composer, because art which begets tears contains the meaning of life, and just this piece is sublime.

Never have I experienced such sudden reaction, nor such terrible profound emotion by a song. The sound effectively pins me, filling me like a  well of ardor as if in presence of the divine. Lacrimosa brushes something glorious, brings you to the edge of consciousness, of breathless dawning, inciting chills raised by wind that flutters the veil.
Magnificent and beautiful. A masterpiece surpassing words. In a word,

* Holy *

Happy Monday :)

Who is your favorite composer?
What are you listening to?

*Lacrimosa is part of the Dies Irae movement of Mozart’s Requiem Mass, composed in Vienna in 1791. He died before its completion, still writing it hours before his death. The composition, whose fascinating and unsettling history is rife with mystery, was anonymously requested by count Franz von Walsegg - an amateur musician “who routinely commissioned works by composers and passed them off as his own.”
Amadeus is a brilliant movie about Mozart, and the count’s obsession and intense jealousy of his musical genius. I watched it first at school in 7th grade and was captivated--it's excellent!
(Image source: Amazon; Facts: Wiki)


  1. I recently watched Amadeus again. Hadn't seen it since it first came out. Still holds up as a good movie. And I love how deeply you react to music. I don't listen to much classical music, though I appreciate it when I do.

    Right now I'm kind of obsessed with The Black Keys and Florence and the Machine. :))

  2. I know a lot of classical music buffs say this, but Mozart's my favorite composer. Ever. His music just reaches me. Some of my favorite music in the world is his piano concerto no. 23... have you heard it? So beautiful!

  3. L.G. Thanks for listening! I like Florence too. I know I've heard The Black Keys but will give them a listen.

    Julie: I completely love Mozart too. I listened to the concerto just now, such gorgeous music!