Prince Ezrick

13-year-old Prince Ezrick of Urkeneye can’t stay out of trouble. From horseback riding through the Dungeons to his frowned-upon friendship with the servant-girl, and his recent expulsion from school (the one joy that made life bearable), his life’s a royal mess. His cold stepmother and unloving father further fuel his misery, and after an especially awful incident, Ezrick flees to join a colorful camp of travelers called Vagaries. What follows is a journey across kingdoms, where he discovers exciting new freedom, friendship, and adventure. But fun is fleeting, and being a royal runaway ushers Ezrick down a dark path of telling lies at every turn. Only, he’s not the only one with secrets. Something evil is afoot, threatening all realms, and as Ezrick pieces together the chilling mystery surrounding his kingdom and Morpheäs, he realizes the troubles he left behind were merely a whisper of the nightmare ahead. . . .

*   *   *

When I started Prince Ezrick ten years ago Kindle didn’t exist. I was just a kid in high school with a huge homework assignment.

I wrote Prince Ezrick and the Morpheäs Curse when I was nineteen. When you reach 12th grade my high school requires a Senior Project, an intensive study project requiring a research paper, so many work hours, a portfolio, presentation, and evaluation at year's end.

I chose to write and illustrate my own picture book. (I was an old senior)

The day I began I remember vividly. I was sitting in our small desk-area upstairs. I have sisters, so there were two desks there for doing homework, and I was sitting between the twin desks, light coming in through the window behind me, ready to begin my dummy (a book mock-up). At this point I’d already a storyline in mind and done sketches of my animal character, a little owl. Now was time to map the story.

Only, I didn't. I saw a boy.

He was wearing royal robes and a crown, and his name was Ezrick Leary.

A glazed look came over my eyes . . . Pencil and paper in hand, the owl story evaporated into air. I wrote down the vision and drew a huge picture of Ezrick on poster board with marker and glitter on the crown (this became a visual aid in my presentation). Then I set to making up his story. I got the teacher's approval later.

The first draft took three months handwritten. Er, the fact I wasn't graduating if I didn't finish was motivating. I’d attempted a book at sixteen, but lost interest. I don’t even remember what that was about. But I finished Prince Ezrick and Lo! I had a book!

At the end of the year I gave my presentation before the panel, talked about the writing process and read a chapter. Then I graduated. And it really hit me.


... (0.o) ...

I could publish it.

I read it a few a times and knew it needed work. Furiously I revised, all through college and university (*ahem* possibly during class), before I decided to publish Prince Ezrick as a paperback (I'd submitted to agents and editors to some interest, but alas, no success). Wonderful things followed, like school visits, Young Author workshops, and book signings. Years passed. Life, travels, work went by. This thing called the Kindle was born, and it occurred to me . . . another crazy idea . . . .

*cue glazed look*

I revised again. Adding scenes, characters, better writing, emotional depths. I created a new cover. Until eventually, everything was ready.


All leading up to one night.

The night I clicked this.

Ten years . . . a long time, and yet - a blink. I feel, incredibly weightless. Breathless. This momentous day brings such closure. I'm experiencing a glorious feeling I can't wrap my mind around. I’ve learned so much from Prince Ezrick and experienced great things because of and through it. It's the best feeling in the world to share it at last with you.

To anyone who reads the book,


I hope you enjoy Prince Ezrick, his world, his adventures, his story.

Who knows what the next years will bring,
but this feels a wonderful place to start.